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Britain’s Brexit Woes Highlight the Dangers of the Insidious Erosion of Sovereignty

December 22, 2018 52 3 No Comments


With a decisive margin the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union and reclaim sovereignty lost over decades of globalist policies. Without a doubt, this Brexit is set to be disastrous for the British economy and their citizens. One might then ask as to why the British people voted for it in the first place. The answer is they wanted their sovereignty back. One might then ask why it is such a disastrous venture for citizens to reclaim the right sovereignty. The answer would simply be that they waited too long to ask for it back. Like a growing cancer, the veins of globalism had grown immersed into the British economy as Europe took precedent over their own self-determination. When they realized the growing cancer within, Britain performed emergency surgery that is proving both painful and harsh. The only question that remains is whether Britain waited too late and they are now forever bound by survival to the bonds of globalist Europe.

Government Rarely Gives Back Power
In every sense of the word, what was created with the European Union was a competing and not complimentary government. Where the EU grew, the individual sovereignty of member nations diminished in a sort of equal and opposite reaction. The payoff was economic advancement and the cost was sovereignty. The British perhaps didn’t realize it as first as cooperation on this scale on a continent that has twice been the subject of disastrous wars seemed appealing. The economic advantages were equally realized and there seemed to be little downside at first.

Fast forward to 2016 and a sovereign nation was receiving demands as to what they could do with their economy, their borders and their military by an increasingly powerful European super state. Perhaps the Brits only saving grace was that they shunned the common currency in favor of retaining their British Pound. Had this not been so, it would indeed have been too late and what was once the largest empire on the planet would have been forever lost to globalism. They revolted, perhaps in the nick of time or perhaps too late.

A Warning to the World
The pains that Britain will experience in this Brexit are real and will have many wondering if the juice was worth the squeeze. However, were the government fail to respect the will of the people then Democracy itself would be at risk in Britain. The people asked for it and the government has the obligation to provide. Should they be unable to do so and Britain to remain in the EU then all would have been lost. The cancer would have won and sovereignty eroded perhaps forever in favor the European State.

Other nations have embraced tenets of globalism to include the United States. Whether it is free trade, free movement or even global cooperation there are some attractive elements to what omnibus that is globalism. However, it is a danger nonetheless and one if any sovereign nation-state becomes to submissive too they may too find themselves in a position where an exit is too painful to bear. As the global leader the United States has much to offer to the globalist agenda, but perhaps not as much to receive from it. America will be the givers and the world will be the takers. America is right and just to control the drip of just how much sovereignty we are willing to put on the table to the rest of the globe. Yet, America should heed Britain’s warning. Give too much and there may come a day where an exit will come at too high of a cost and sovereignty forever lost.

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