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Coming soon to Facebook: “News Publisher Specialists”

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As Facebook has grown through the years, the social media platform has become the de facto place to go for all kinds of things. For some people, that even means the news. While that may make sense from a convenience perspective, that trend has opened up a whole host of other problems.

Fake news continues to be a significant issue on social media. Facebook is still taking steps to correct the problem when it comes to its own platform, and that includes the creation of new positions at the company to help monitor the news that appears.

The positions were initially dubbed “News Credibility Specialists,” but the listing has since been changed to “News Publisher Specialists.”

“We’re seeking individuals who believe in Facebook’s mission of making the world more connected,” the job posting reads in part. “The ideal candidate is detail-oriented and well-organized, with an analytical mind and a keen eye for process improvement.

So what will the ‘specialists’ be tasked with doing? According to The Guardian, applicants were informed that they would be “conducting investigations against predefined policies.”

If you read that to mean that someone will be deciding what makes the cut when it comes to news that appears on the platform, then you are not alone. That naturally gives rise to fears that legitimate news stories will be tossed if they don’t align with the viewpoint of those that are checking them over.

In a statement, a company spokesperson noted that this is just all part of the company’s broader mission when it comes to the news.

“We’re working on how we more effectively identify and differentiate news and news sources across our platform,” the spokesperson said. “For instance, we recently announced the Archive of Ads with Political Content, where we’ll build separate treatments for both news and non-news content.”

Facebook’s foray into news has been fraught with problems from the get-go. While we certainly understand that some people like receiving their news from social media, there’s also a broad swath of users who know better than to do that.

Perhaps it’s time for the social media giant to realize that attempting to mix news with a social environment was a horrible idea from the start. Pulling the plug on including news on the platform altogether wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world.

In fact, many users may realize they have much better things to do with their time than getting worked up over something someone in their vast circle of ‘friends’ has shared. We’ll dare to dream about that, as Facebook seems only to be interested in going deeper into the world of news as opposed to pulling back even a little bit.

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