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Addressing the Problem

There are two truths that are not being discussed when it comes to the “Opioid Abuse” problem. First, appropriate medically supervised chronic pain management can be extremely safe. Second, legislation cannot stop people from doing wrong. The fact of the matter is that legislation only controls good, honest, and law-abiding citizens. While many like to point fingers and blame “Big Pharma” for the “Opioid Abuse” problem, that line of thinking is akin to blaming “Colt” or “Smith and Wesson” for gun violence.

There is no denying that there is a major “Opioid Abuse” problem. However, appropriate medically supervised chronic pain management is extremely safe. Severe chronic pain is a devastating and oftentimes life altering event that can lead to even greater problems. As such, the diagnosis requires strong solutions.

It’s important to emphasize that those with agendas are conflating two separate issues in a bid to advance their preferred narrative:
1. The already overly regulated, proven to be safe and effective, legitimate doctor supervised medical care of chronic pain sufferers.
2. The hard to control, horrible and deadly problem of illicit opioid abuse and misuse.

As a result, innocent chronic pain patients are forced to suffer needlessly, all while less is done about the real problem of criminal activity and abuse. Victims of pain are attacked, ridiculed, and disparaged just for seeking help and relief. Medical doctors are prevented from the practice of medication and are attacked if they deviate from the legislated cookbook approach.

Even worse, pain patients are treated against their consent, as lawmakers dictate their treatment. Oftentimes, that’s vastly different from what the patient desires and the doctors believes in. There is definitely an “Opioid Abuse” problem; but targeting the innocent victims of Chronic Pain to score political points is morally depraved and unconscionable.

Our nation is in the throes of a major crisis. Let’s stop the agenda driven false claims that are viciously attacking the sufferers of chronic pain and get to the real root of the problem: illegal criminal activity. Politicians and the Fake Media have intentionally misdiagnosed the problem and used it for political power. While there is some attention, time, money and other resources going after the real cause, there’s just not enough being done to prevent it from spreading and becoming an even larger problem.

This crisis doesn’t discriminate, as it has touched families, neighborhoods, and communities all across this great nation of ours. Common sense prevention efforts have been stifled by politicians with misguided priorities, and an inordinate amount of time has been wasted pointing fingers as opposed to getting to the real heart of the matter.

The real crisis is the blatant refusal of Fake Media and lying politicians to separate criminals and abusers from sincere pain patients. Lawmakers are destroying the lives and reputation of good honest people who are being swept up in the agenda driven actions. As a result, the Opioid Crisis is metastasizing out of control, as innocent patients and the doctors who treat them are disparaged and forced to suffer.

This witch hunt has been fueled by:

1. The role that the CDC has played.
2. Lying by omission, not presenting the Cochrane study that showed that less than 1% of appropriately treated Chronic Pain patients develop addiction.
3. Allowing people with agendas to erroneously distinguish between cancer pain from non-cancer pain.
4. Politicians and lawmakers egregiously taking general guidelines and recommendations of opioid best practices and making them into strict and absolute rules which essentially criminalizes doctors whose professional medical opinion differs.

In addition to all of the above problems, illegal drugs continue to flow in over the border between the United States and Mexico. We’re not just referring to heroin either, but rather increasingly popular alternatives such as fentanyl, which is 50 to 100 times more potent. The drug is incredibly lethal, as evidenced by the shocking spike in overdose deaths attached to it.

That information alone should be more than enough to spark our elected officials into action to secure the border once and for all. Instead, opponents of President Donald Trump’s border wall proposal continue to drum up manufactured controversies in a bid to obstruct and prevent it from happening at all costs. Among those costs is our nation’s youth, as a staggering number of addictions take root in the formative years.

To fend off talk about the real solutions that are needed, a narrative has been formed which points the finger at the medical community as the sole reason for the growing problem. While you can certainly find bad actors that haven’t helped the situation, continually casting shade on the medical community as a whole is not going to solve the problem in any way, shape, or form.

Dr. Scapegoat

Responsible medical professionals are being scapegoated by those with clear agendas and narratives to advance, and that’s just not right. In fact, it’s downright irresponsible. The scapegoaters out there continually seek out bogeymen as the reason for all of our nation’s ills, and it’s no different when it comes to the opioid crisis.

As always, the hope is that folks will buy what they are selling hook, line, and sinker, or simply throw their hands up in the air as they get frustrated with the nonsense. As with other crises our nation is facing, taking such action falls right into their hands.

Our best weapon to ward off the rampant flow of propaganda remains being informed with the actual facts of the situation at hand. That’s true in numerous situations in today’s day and age, and it wholeheartedly applies here as well. The only way our nation’s opioid crisis is going to be solved once and for all is with common sense solutions which are enacted and pursued with vigor.

That means law enforcement at the local, state, and federal level need to have the tools and information at their disposal to weed out the problems, and that our collective focus as a nation becomes laser-like and zeroes in on the real problems at hand.

Treatment needs to be improved for those in the throes of addiction as opposed to the revolving door mentality that currently consumes much of the rehabilitation sector, and educating our nation’s youth on the perils and dangers of drug abuse needs to be ratcheted up tenfold. It is very important that we use language appropriately while not conflating safe and effective professional Medical Care with illegal wrongdoing. Mixing those messages is intellectually lazy and morally reprehensible, but we apparently can’t expect anything better from misguided politicians and the agenda-driven mainstream press.

It’s not going to be easy, but few things in life that are really worth having are. We pledge to keep you informed as best as possible right here on these pages. Our only requests are that you join us in our fight, help to spread the word, and do your absolute best to correct misinformation by kindly and calmly educating those who may have fallen under the web of propaganda.

The United States of America remains the greatest nation in the world. We can fix one of our country’s biggest problems if we get educated on the truth while remaining dedicated, diligent, and focused. Let’s do it.

Mission Statement : We Educate, Enable, and Empower the Suffers of Pain with Truth

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